Friday, June 1, 2012

Mexico - Fiber Optic Sensing and Security System

Optellios Awarded Mexico Security Project

NEWTOWN, PA (May 30, 2012) –Optellios, Inc., a developer and manufacturer of advanced fiber-optic sensing and security systems, announced today that a new partner in Mexico, Americas Teleconsult SA de CV, has been awarded a major project in Mexico which will utilize the FiberPatrol FP4100-X mixed use sensor. Optellios will assist Americas Teleconsult with the installation of the FiberPatrol system as the project moves forward.

“We are very pleased to have been awarded this project and look forward to the implementation of the FiberPatrol FP4100-X at this critical site” states James Baker, Director General of Americas Teleconsult.  Baker adds “The capabilities of the FiberPatrol system were an ideal match for the challenges the project presents. The ability to use one system to detect intrusions in both a fence mounted and buried deployment provided a great deal of flexibility as well as very significant cost savings.”

Powered by the FiberPatrol X sensing technology, the systems will use a single fiber-optic sensor cable that can be either fence-mounted or buried in ground along different parts of the same site perimeter. Fence-mounted parts of the sensor will detect and locate intruders trying to breach the fence, while in-ground segments will alert security personnel when someone crosses over the invisible sensor line.

David Smith President and CEO for Optellios comments, “We are excited to work with Americas Teleconsult on this project as we continue to see the FP4100-X mixed use sensor installed in a variety of challenging environments.” The FiberPatrol systems from Optellios provide cut immunity, intrusion location capability and ease of integration to other security systems such as video surveillance, access control and command and control platforms.

About Optellios Inc.

Optellios, Inc., a leading U.S.-based fiberoptic technology company, is a provider of advanced solutions for sensing, security, and communication. Its FiberPatrol® line of security products leverages company's pioneering patented fiberoptic sensor technologies to provide the most advanced and cost effective security solutions for military bases, airports, power plants, water treatment facilities, pipelines, secure data networks, and other critical infrastructures and high-value assets. For more information, visit

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