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Every month, ElectroniCast provides review and analysis of current market and technology trends relative to the consumption and deployment of communication-based fiber optic devices and systems.  The monthly reports also provide recent information regarding company financial news, product announcements from manufacturers of the devices and systems, as well as brief descriptions of recent technology research papers.

In The October 2011 issue:

Table of Contents

ElectroniCast - Market and Technology Overviews                                                                                                   
Fiber Optic Connector - Market Trends                                                                                                                                                    
Fiber Optic Attenuator - Market Trends                                                                                                                                                 
 Fiber Optic Industry News and Announcements                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   
CALIENT Technologies Raises $19.4 Million in Latest Funding Round                                    
Verizon Communications Inc. Financial report: 3rd Quarter                                                                                  
Amphenol sees Q4 below estimates on low demand                                                                                                  
Zephyr Photonics Acquired by Torch Hill Investment Partners                                                        
3M Financial Report: 3rd Quarter                                                                                                                                                                                  
SA Photonics Recognized on the Deloitte Technology Fast 500                                                       
Interoperable Quantum Optical Test and Measurement Equipment                            
Google- Possible Fiber network in Europe                                                                                                                              
ICN Selects ADVA AG Optical Networking                                                                                                                           
Nexans to supply Fiber Optic Cable to Emerald Bridge Fibre Ltd                                                                 
Telefonica Selects TEL-NT for Multi-Vendor Repair                                                                                                           
Patent application title: Optical universal serial bus (USB)                                                                                    
Research Paper: Spectral Line-by-Line Pulse Shaping of an On-Chip                                
Research Paper: 3-D Modulation Formats with Constant Power                                                            
Research Paper: Excitation light and fluorescence signal of FO sensor                                   
Research Paper: A CMOS continuous-time equalizer for short-reach                           


The FIBER OPTIC INDUSTRY MONTHLY REVIEW (FOIMR): The last-week of each month

Fee:                 No Charge (12-issues) for Existing FO Forecast Clients*
Fee:                 $1,200 per year (12-issues) for Monthly Journals - only

* Clients that have subscribed to any Fiber Optic Market Forecast and Analysis, within the last 12-months with a fee of $1,200 or more

The monthly report provides summaries from recent ElectroniCast market/technology analysis, as well as several industry news items of interest…

Published:              Last week of each month
Text Pages:             Typically 20-30 pages
Deliver:                   PDF File via E-Mail
Fee:                        $1,200 per year (12-issues)

Typical Outline:

(1)   ElectroniCast – Fiber Optic Oriented Market and Technology Overview (5-8 pages)

(2)   ElectroniCast – Fiber Optic Oriented Market and Technology Overview (5-8 pages)

(3)   Fiber Optic Industry News (10-15 pages)

a.      Venture Capital or Financial News
b.      New Products
c.      Fiber Optic Deployment/Installations
d.      Technology News

About ElectroniCast

ElectroniCast Consultants specializes in forecasting trends in communication networks and in the products used in those networks.  This includes technology forecasting, markets and applications forecasting, strategic planning and consulting.

ElectroniCast Consultants, as a technology-based independent forecasting firm, serves industrial companies, trade associations, government agencies, communication and data network companies and the financial community.  Reduction of the risk of major investment decisions is the main benefit provided.  ElectroniCast's goal is to understand the challenges and opportunities facing clients and to provide timely, accurate information for strategic planning.

To Order This Monthly Journal, Please Contact:

Stephen Montgomery, ElectroniCast Consultants

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