Friday, September 30, 2016

Internet Use in Peru

September 30, 2016

ElectroniCast Office in Lima Peru –

The National Institute of Statistics and Informatics (INEI) revealed its results on a survey conducted from April to June (2016) that 62.1 percent of the population in Peru, 6 years or older, uses the Internet daily.

This represents a 9.4 increase when compared to the same quarter of 2015 (52.7 percent). In addition, 33.2 percent of the population uses the Internet once a week, and 4.8 percent use it once a month or every two months. Both numbers show decreases of 9.2 and 0.2 percentage points respectively.

By gender, 62.7 percent of men and 61.4 percent of women use the Internet once a day.

The study also points out that 89.6 percent and 77.3 percent of the population enrolled in a university and not enrolled, respectively, have greater access to the Internet.

The INEI also reported that of the total population of those 6 years and older using the Internet, 17.6 percent work exclusively on their mobile phones and a similar in proportion (17.6 percent) use their computers.

By area of residence, 50.2 percent of households in metropolitan Lima have Internet access, a 4.6 percentage increase from the same quarter a year before (45.6 percent).

Suburbs increased by 2.5 percentage points, going from 24.9 percent to 27.4 percent, while rural areas did not show any variation in internet access.

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