Thursday, April 19, 2012

ElectroniCast Latin America – Customer Satisfaction Survey Program

ElectroniCast conducts Customer Satisfaction Surveys.  Customer satisfaction is essential to the survival of businesses; therefore, a valuable tool to find out whether customers are satisfied is to ask them. When you conduct a customer satisfaction survey, what you ask the customers is important. How, when and how often you ask these questions are also important. However, the most important thing about conducting a customer satisfaction survey is analyzing the answers and what is the solution to any problems that may be discovered.
About ElectroniCast         
ElectroniCast, founded in 1981, specializes in forecasting technology and global market trends in fiber optics, advanced photonics and light emitting diodes (LEDs).  As an independent consultancy we offer multi-client and custom market research studies to the world's leading companies based on comprehensive, in-depth analysis of quantitative and qualitative factors. This includes technology forecasting, markets and applications forecasting, strategic planning, competitive analysis, and marketing/sales consultation. ElectroniCast, founded as a technology-based independent consulting firm, meets the information needs of communication industry planners and related suppliers. 

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