Thursday, January 26, 2012

New Report by ElectroniCast: Free Space Optics (FSO) Market Forecast (2012)

ElectroniCast Executive White Paper

 Free Space Optics
Global Market Forecast and Analysis


 Market Analysis of Free Space Optics (FSO) Links Used in Non-Military/Aerospace Applications

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Released: January 26, 2012

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The increase in use of Optical Wireless is helped by the accelerating economic growth of major cities in Latin America

The global consumption value of FSO Transmitter/Receiver Link Devices used in stationary non-military/ aerospace applications was $26.47 million in year 2011.  EMEA held a slight lead in terms of relative market share in 2011; however, the American region is forecast to grab the lead next year (2013) until the APAC region moves up. 

The increase in the consumption of FSO links in the America region will be attributed to not only continued upgrades and network facilitation in the United States and Canada, but also from the accelerating economic growth of major cities in Latin America.  Other market dynamics in the American region are increases in communication links needed for growing infrastructures, such as mass transit, security systems, broadcast and telecommunications.

            European inner-city urban areas typically are difficult for wire-lines, including optical fiber cable installations; therefore, this fact promotes FSO or other wireless solutions.  The APAC region has advanced communication technology deployed especially in Japan; however, other countries, such as Australia, China and India, are not as advanced in campus-wide and metropolitan optical communication deployment.  The APAC region has rapidly expanding market opportunities and therefore, our forecast shows the region with the fastest growth (2011-2017). 

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