Thursday, July 7, 2011

Argentina - National Fiber-Optic Network

Almost a year ago, President Cristina Fernández pledged to marshall investments totaling $2 billion to create a nationwide fiber optic network so that everyone in Argentina can access the Internet.  President Fernandez called access to information “a universal right” and said the plan would prove to be a “historic milestone” like the creation of public television here was 59 years ago.  The program is scheduled to be fully up and running within the next couple of years.

The announcement was also part of a plan by the government to provide free, nationwide open-air HDTV signals to households around the country, even in areas that have never had access to cable TV or other broadcast signals.  The HDTV network will have a total of 16 channels, including one dedicated to showing Argentine films.  Additionally, the broadband plan provides for free WiFi hotspots in plazas and other public places around the county, as well as the creation of cyber libraries.

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